The Cooper Brothers always enjoy ocean fishing off of the Southern Oregon Coast!

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  1. unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity."her recent adventures in Italy"synonyms:exploit, escapade, deed, feat, trial, experience, incident, occurrence, event, happening, episode, affair; More


  1. 1.engage in hazardous and exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory."they had adventured into the forest"

"unusual and exciting"- Your sense of adventure, is entirely yours!  At West Coast Adventure, our team is dedicated to providing exciting and worry-free "Adventure Itineraries"  (NO MATTER HOW "UNUSUAL").  We take the "guess-work" out of ADVENTURES on the Southern Oregon Coast!

"typically hazardous"- We always recommend hiring a professional!  Especially if you are a novice, or you may be a bit rusty! We are currently building up a Network of "Adventure Guides" (industry professionals), to provide your equipment rentals, guided tours, training, and safety needs.

Are you an experienced enthusiast?  Our social network group will (soon) be flooded with people looking to "team-up"  for their next adventure!

"experience or activity"- Build your own "Adventure Wish-List".  When you are on vacation, every minute counts! Let one of our "Adventure Planners"  organize your entire visit! (We provide packing lists!)

"exploration of unknown territory"- The Southern Oregon Coast is, one of, the most intriguing, majestic, and mysterious places on the planet! While we invite you to come explore with us on your next adventure, we also encourage you to DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Ask one of our "Adventure Planners" for more information TODAY!

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